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Support your organization’s working families through every stage of parenthood and caregiving, no matter where in the world they are.

Supporting more than 170,000 families for some of the world's biggest and most progressive organizations.

Introducing Circle In

89% of people will become a parent at some point in their lives, and 21% will become a caregiver for a family member who is ill, or living with disability. Caring is a fundamental, universal part of the human experience – but anyone who has done it can tell you that balancing caring with your career can be profoundly difficult and taxing.

Circle In is a personalized employee benefits platform that helps the people of your organization navigate this complexity – whether they’re planning for a baby, supporting children through teenage years, or caring for elderly families. It does this through direct guidance for individual team members, but also provides useful tools and resources for managers who typically aren’t trained in how to best support team members with caring responsibilities.

Why Circle In? We help you care for your people who care.

  • Tailored – Benefit from a global platform, with country and company-specific content.
  • Convenient – Give your team one place to go for personalized employee journeys, dynamic workflows, and digital content.
  • Practical – Train managers with practical conversation guides and automated nudges.
  • Leading – Access cutting-edge insights and reporting you won’t get anywhere else.
  • Sought after – Attract the best talent with leading family benefits.

Guidance based on lived experience

Advice, articles, webinars, real stories, guides, coaching videos, checklists, and manager nudges.


Useful and actionable insights

Insights on employee experience and engagement from manager nudges, subscriber growth, top digested content, time on the platform, and user feedback.


Benchmarking and best-practice

Playbooks, templates, guides to drive adoption and engagement, access to a broader community, and in-house experts.

Madeline Mios
Office and Facilities Partner

We are super excited to be part of the Circle In family and our Campers (what we call our employees) are loving the platform!

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